Baltic Wool Conference
6-7-8 Oct 2022



The conference starts at 9 AM.

The first day we spend at Gotlands Museum in Visby. You will be introduced to Gotland and our wool cultural heritage. There will be lectures and discussions about giving local wool a higher value and ways of using waste wool. You will also have the opportunity to walk the streets of medeival Visby in the afternoon and visit some stores with wool products.

Main speakers on Thursday:

Jenny Shepherd from Great Britain with her talk Increasing the value of local wool – an example from the Isle of Man 

Björn Lanzke, floraPell, Germany talking about Wool pellets – an ideal organic fertilizer

Hanna Niskanen from Finland Introducing Scandinavian tweed from Saimaa Wool 


The second day we start with study visits at GUTI (Gotland wool and textile industry) and the wool scouring mill Ullkontoret. After lunch we continue with the conference at the Gotland Green Center in Roma, 20 km east from Visby. Here all participants will have the opportunity to exhibit posters and/or products. There will also be lectures about wool innovation. We end the day with a Gotlandic Dinner.


The whole third and last day is a bus tour in the countryside with study visits at sheep farms, a spinning mill and other wool companies. There will also be Gotlandic food and culture!

Our first stop will be at Ansarve Farm, just south from Visby, with the whole production chain from sheep to knitwear. Next stop is Rommunds – one of Gotlands largest farms with grey Gotland sheep and famous for their prize-winning skins. Both farms also sew their own products in sheep-skin.

After the sheep farms we will visit Gotlands strumpfabrik (Gotland sock factory) with their own production of both socks and other knitwear. We will also visit one of Gotlands three spinning mills – Stenkyrka ullspinneri – a small but flexible Mini mill. They spin all kinds of wool, both for their own production and for others.

The conference ends at 6 PM.