The Conference & Updates

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Project team 2021

Project leader this year is Fia Söderberg who is a new member of the team. Fia lives on a sheepfarm outside Uppsala in Sweden and has been engaged in the issues of Swedish Wool the last 10 years or so. She has created “Ullförmedlingen” (The Swedish Wool Agency) and is also making the Swedish Wool Podcast. Dedicated to change the situation of increasing use of Swedish wool she works mainly from a communicative and digital point of view as she is a communicator and webeditor by profession.

Planning for this year conference has started.

The project team behind the conference this year:

Annkristin Hult, National developer sustainability at the Nationel Swedish Handicraft Council
Fia Söderberg, Project Leader Baltic Wool Conference
Anso Norling, Crafts Consultant at Gotland Museum
Riina Noodapera, Project Leader Baltic Wool Cooperation
Jenny Andersson, Owner of Gotland’s Wool Scouring Mil, Ullkontoret
Frida Lindroth, Project Manager at Gotland Convention Bureau is also contributing to the team.

Baltic Wool Conference

7-9 October 2021

The Gotland Region believes that there is a great deal of knowledge and a great potential for development around the wool business in Gotland. Partly in entrepreneurship, but also locally in the micro industries. We would like to contribute to the development of the wool industry. We strongly believe this conference in the long term will contribute to many of our strategic focus areas. It will be a visitor occasion in October, it will lead to development of the wool industry and it will strengthen craftsmanship and a living cultural heritage.

Nils-Erik Selin, Head of growth and development, Region Gotland

The National Swedish Handicraft Council (NFH) is a government agency under the Ministry of Culture with the task of promoting handicrafts. Important partners for the Authority’s work are the country’s regions, civil society organizations and other cultural authorities. Priority areas include sustainability, cultural and creative industries as well as working with the intangible cultural heritage.

Since the autumn of 2018, a national developer has been focusing on sustainability and wool issues at NFH. The goal is an agenda for how the wool issues, like classification and infrastructure, should be solved at national level together with various actors and authorities. This is done in the form of seminars, conferences and networking, both within Sweden and abroad. The initiative “Baltic Wool Conference” is part of the work to promote the Swedish wool industry, create new contacts and opportunities for further development together with the countries around the Baltic Sea.

Annkristin Hult, National Developer

The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society Gotland, which hosts the Baltic Wool Conference, works for developing business in the countryside. Lamb production is an important industry in Gotland that provides both tasty lamb meat, shimmering lambskin and wool for many uses. Grazing animals keep the landscape open and provide biodiversity. We believe in the development of the Swedish wool industry in collaboration with our neighbors around the Baltic Sea.

Mats Pettersson, CEO of Hushållningssällskapet Gotland